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Niagara Home and a Flooding Incident

Storms are frequent visitors to Lakes Ontario and Erie, connected by the Niagara River. The skilled crew from SERVPRO set up drying equipment in an attempt to s... READ MORE

Serving Those Who Served, Helping a Grand Island Vet with Basement Water Damage

A disabled vet in Grand Island called SERVPRO for assistance with the removal of a large amount of water damage in a basement. The techs used a combination of e... READ MORE

Niagara Falls Sewage Backup Needs Careful Handling

A basement in Niagara Falls had a water damage event that included sewage, the property owner brought in SERVPRO techs immediately to begin the cleanup. This ty... READ MORE

Newfane Fire Damage Cleanup

The fire in the attic crawlspace of this house in Newfane caused quite a bit of damage. The firefighters must knock down ceilings and walls to make sure there a... READ MORE

Niagara Falls Dental Office Needs Big Commercial Water Damage Extraction

When commercial water damage affected this Niagara Falls dental office, the property owner brought in SERVPRO to extract the water and clean the premises. Any t... READ MORE

Driving Rainstorm in Niagara Falls

Though the volume of water that entered with great force from a driving rainstorm did not equal the force of the Falls, the damage was substantial. Luckily, the... READ MORE

Fire Damage Restoration In Niagara Falls

Our fire damage experts are the best option when dealing with a disaster in Niagara Falls. We will arrive immediately and commence the restoration process. Our ... READ MORE

Niagara Falls Bathroom Water Loss

The pipe inside the wall feeding the shower head in this Niagara Falls bathroom soaked the surrounding commode area. The water ruined the drywall. A more imperv... READ MORE

Fire Damage In Niagara Falls

The skilled crew to contact after a fire damage incident occurs in your Niagara Falls property is SERVPRO! Our specialists will respond quickly to your emergenc... READ MORE

Lewiston Demolition in an Office

The water from the leak soaked into the carpet, bottom of the furnishings, and the walls over the weekend, leaving some weakened materials behind. SERVPRO techn... READ MORE