Recent Before & After Photos

Niagara Falls Storm Leakage Damage

Storms can dump large volumes of water onto roofs in the Niagara Falls area. When the structural components fail to divert the rainwater and seepage occurs, mol... READ MORE

A Charred Fireplace in Niagara Falls

SERVPRO recommends to Niagara Falls neighbors to always have their fireplace systems inspected before firing it up for the winter months. We peek inside the hea... READ MORE

Water Damage In Niagara Falls

Our team was contacted by a homeowner in Niagara Falls about a water damage emergency. Our professionals responded quickly and examined the damage. After we ins... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage In Niagara

Don’t let water damage in your Niagara commercial property cause you to panic. Our crew is here to help! You can reach our water damage technicians 24/7. ... READ MORE

Restroom, Bad Odors, and a Mold Problem in Niagara Falls

Patrons complained of a foul odor emanating from behind the wall in this Niagara Falls restaurant restroom. If SERVPRO is called in soon enough, we can minimize... READ MORE

Fire Damage In Niagara

Contact our skilled experts after a fire in your Niagara home. Our fire damage professionals will respond quickly to your call. After we inspect the damage, we ... READ MORE

Storm Driven Rain Intrudes Via a Window in Niagara Falls

The Before Photo shows water stains and soaking of the interior sheetrock and carpet of this home in Niagara Falls. Though this stormwater is considered gray wa... READ MORE

Niagara Falls Water Loss and Recovery

If clean water spurts from a broken line in the kitchen, the flooding can badly damage a home in Niagara Falls. Fortunately, when SERVPRO technicians respond sw... READ MORE