Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Black Water Flood Damage in Niagara Falls

The Before Photo shows this staircase, engineered wood flooring, and walls after the floodwaters receded and the standing water pockets removed. SERVPRO dispatc... READ MORE

Niagara Home and a Flooding Incident

Storms are frequent visitors to Lakes Ontario and Erie, connected by the Niagara River. The skilled crew from SERVPRO set up drying equipment in an attempt to s... READ MORE

Driving Rainstorm in Niagara Falls

Though the volume of water that entered with great force from a driving rainstorm did not equal the force of the Falls, the damage was substantial. Luckily, the... READ MORE

Storm Damage In Niagara Falls

When a storm in Niagara Falls causes major flooding in your home, you need to call the specialists at SERVPRO. Our team will promptly respond to your flooding e... READ MORE

Niagara Falls Storm Leakage Damage

Storms can dump large volumes of water onto roofs in the Niagara Falls area. When the structural components fail to divert the rainwater and seepage occurs, mol... READ MORE

Storm Driven Rain Intrudes Via a Window in Niagara Falls

The Before Photo shows water stains and soaking of the interior sheetrock and carpet of this home in Niagara Falls. Though this stormwater is considered gray wa... READ MORE