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What Do I Do if Flood Water Seeps into My Home?

6/15/2022 (Permalink)

Storm Clouds We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Call SERVPRO for Prompt Mitigation if Your Niagara Falls Home Suffers from Flood Damage

Weather can be unpredictable, so if you are faced with flash flooding, it might leave a substantial amount of water in your Niagara Falls basement. When this happens, your belongings can be destroyed, but you must also deal with water removal and cleanup. It is natural to worry about the best way to address flooding, but this is where trained flood mitigation technicians come to the rescue.

How Long Will It Take to Recover After a Flood Loss?

SERVPRO has the training and equipment necessary to help you address flood damage in Niagara Falls in a fast, efficient manner. Our team undergoes extensive training and uses IICRC techniques to help manage and work through flood loss events. We have crew chiefs available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and often can have a team on-site and ready to get to work in just a few hours. 

Is the Water in My Basement Hazardous?

Whenever excessive flooding happens around your property and water infiltrates your basement, it often contains debris, mud, and contaminated materials. As a homeowner, you have the choice of trying to address the water removal on your own or calling in the help of trained technicians. It is not recommended to treat potentially contaminated water with DIY methods as you could put yourself at risk. When you call SERVPRO for help with water removal, we come fully equipped with tools such as:

  • Extraction Equipment: Each of our trucks comes loaded with the necessary tools. Truck-mounted water extraction tools allow us to quickly remove hundreds to thousands of gallons of water. We also have powerful submersible pumps to help remove water from targeted spots with high water levels within your home.
  • Air Movers: Our team has a unique formula that allows us to strategically place industrial fans and high-speed air movers that increase airflow over your floors and furniture to help speed up moisture evaporation. We often reposition the air movers as needed to ensure efficiency.
  • Dehumidifiers: Industrial-strength dehumidifiers are vital for any water removal job we respond to. We have specialized dehumidifiers to help pull moisture from the air inside your home, thus lowering humidity levels. This allows us to keep your home safe from secondary water damage that can cause your flooring, walls, and furniture to warp. 

Can I Save Some of the Contents of My Flooded Basement?

Many items in your home with a hard surface can be recovered. Packout service allows us to move items to a staging area at our facility or in another area of your home. We can then work on cleaning and sanitizing all of these items safely until moving them back in at the end of the project. 

We understand how important it is for you to try and salvage whatever you can from your home after a flood event. We consider what the items are made from and how long they are saturated with water. Materials like drywall and pressboard are susceptible to immense damage with water penetration, just like other porous items within the space. Things like upholstery, carpets, carpet padding, and other fabrics can hold a great deal of water. Our skilled technicians work as quickly as possible to limit the amount of loss. Some items may be moved off-site for detailed cleaning, while things made with glass, ceramic, marble, or metal might be dried and disinfected.

How Do You Address Mold Growth?

Mold and mildew growth are common whenever water infiltration is involved. Our team ensures that proper cleaning and disinfection are part of your project so that we can inhibit dangerous mold growth, keeping your interior safe for you and your family. Some of the ways that SERVPRO works to slow down or inhibit the onset of mold include:

  •  The application of products to baseboards, walls, subfloors, and other organic materials known for microbe development and odors.
  •  The use of EPA-registered, broad-spectrum disinfectants that work on non-porous materials to thwart microbial contamination.
  •  Thorough wiping down all non-porous surfaces followed by complete disinfection
  •  The application of deodorizes to carpet fibers, carpet backs, and other materials helps limit odor onset.

We are Faster To Any Size Disaster at SERVPRO of North Niagara County, and you can reach us for emergency flood damage services at any time of day or night. With a phone call to (716) 299-0330, we set a team in motion to arrive at your home to begin the assessment as soon as possible.

Niagara Falls Flooding Affects Cinder Blocks and Basements

5/10/2022 (Permalink)

niagara falls flowing When Niagara Falls floods your basement, Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Repair

Who Can Fix my Basement Flooding?

Natural flooding can affect your Niagara Falls home quickly in the right conditions. Rising water around your structure can present immense pressure on elements like your foundation masonry units. Vulnerabilities that exist in the mortar joints or blockwork itself can quickly become exposed when hydro-static pressure forces water through these openings. Once water damage exists on the basement floor, it is vital to begin work on removing this threat as soon as possible. 

Because flood damage in Niagara Falls homes can be a widespread and devastating force, it is a situation that our SERVPRO team remains prepared to face all year round. When we first arrive at a flooded address, the chief objective is to begin extraction work to identify any considerable structural breaches that require repair or reconstruction. Extraction can involve multiple tools, but the standard machines and devices that our team chooses for natural flooding include: 

  • Submersible Pumps 
  • Trash Pumps
  • Truck-Mount Pumps
  • Wet Vacuums 

What Repairs Can Prevent Flooding Again? 

A thorough inspection of the blockwork and other vulnerable points of your basement can identify where floodwater entered your home and if this continues to be a threat. In some situations, hydraulic cement can seal over smaller vulnerabilities, while more substantial breaches might require controlled demolition and reconstruction of foundation walls. Homeowners who experience flooding regularly might also consider the installation of diversion equipment such as sump pumps.

Addressing the pressing concerns of flood damage and preventing it in the future are two efforts that blend the restoration and reconstruction abilities of our SERVPRO of North Niagara County team. No matter how we can help, we are available 24/7 at (716) 304-2163.

Contact SERVPRO for Flood Cleanup Services in Niagara

5/10/2022 (Permalink)

floodwater in yard, fence and brick Groundwater from a storm can contaminate your Niagara property--Call SERVPRO for extraction

Is Niagara Floodwater Contaminated?

Spring storms, melting snow, and an overflowing river can lead to flooding in your Niagara home. After the initial shock, and you and your family are out of immediate danger, it is time to go about the task of removing the contaminated floodwater and dealing with the cleanup.

Many of My Belongings are Wet and Dirty, Should I Throw Them Away?

No, SERVPRO Technicians Assess Items to Determine Restorability

After flood damage in Niagara, it might be tempting to simply go through your home and dispose of damaged belongings such as furniture, textiles, documents, and books.  However, our restoration specialists have a process to assess the contents in your home. Depending on the severity of the damage, technicians may take affected items to a secure offsite storage facility where they clean, dry, and restore your items whenever possible.

What Building Materials Are Subject to Damage? How Are They Removed?

  • Everything from carpet to ceiling may suffer damage during a flood.
  • Technicians remove ruined building materials such as soaked drywall and carpet padding.
  • SERVPRO disposes of destroyed items according to local and state ordinances, so you do not need to worry about hauling yourself.

What Might Happen if I Do Not Deal with The Flooding Right Away?

  • Moisture may travel throughout the walls.
  • Strong, musty odors may develop.
  • Mold colonies may grow and flourish with excess moisture.
  • Slow mitigation results in further damage and expenses

After a flood, safely cleaning your home is also an important consideration. Flood water is considered contaminated water by the EPA, requiring disinfectant use and careful safety precautions such as wearing appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment). As the homeowner, you may need to leave your home for safety purposes during some or all of the restoration process while technicians thoroughly sanitize your home.

For assistance 24/7, contact SERVPRO of North Niagara County at (716) 304-2163.

Some Steps to Effective Flood Damage Remediation in Niagara

3/18/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded living room with belongings floating everywhere When flooding overtakes your home, time is of the essence. Contact SERVPRO for effective water removal and storm damage remediation.

Reducing Saturation with Quick Demo in Niagara Falls Homes

When water loss and flood loss scenarios have affected your Niagara Falls home, a valuable approach is implementing quick decisions designed to protect more of the structural elements and contents of the house. Our SERVPRO professionals have emergency services, many of which involve working to begin extraction and recovery efforts as quickly as possible to reduce the migration of floodwater through the property and into currently unexposed structural elements and construction materials.

Structural repairs and drying decisions all play a role in recovering flood damage to Niagara Falls homes before the proper mitigation steps have begun. Reducing the customer's total loss makes these preliminary steps worthwhile, though real-time choices must get made regarding where controlled demolition might be necessary. The right decisions about demolition can help to reduce saturation, enable faster drying, and allow for more effective protection and cleaning of structural framework.

Reducing Saturation 

Whether it is a flood loss or substantial water loss incident inside your house, reducing the migration of the damage can be critical for limiting insurmountable loss. Controlled demolition by our team of in-house contractors can prevent wet surface materials from migrating moisture into the rest of the full assembly of construction layers for flooring, walls, ceilings, and other areas.

Efficient Drying 

While our SERVPRO team has multiple cutting-edge tools for efficient drying, removing overly saturated materials that were not capable of restoration can reduce the moisture and humidity levels, allowing for a faster drying process.

Easier Access 

Removing specific materials might not always mean they are unsalvageable, however. In some situations, drywall gets removed to give our technicians access to structural cavities for effective drying. Because drywall is less costly to replace than the structural framework, it is then vital to gain fast access to these damp areas to begin disinfection and drying.

No matter how a flood loss situation originates, our SERVPRO of North Niagara County team can respond quickly with our emergency services to help. Through quick-drying decisions and controlled demolition options, we can work to save our customers money in a trying time. Give us a call today at (716) 299-0330.

What Unexpected Issues Accompany Flood Damage in Niagara Falls Homes?

1/28/2022 (Permalink)

two people standing in water boots in a flooded room Flooding can cause damage to the contents and structure of your home. SERVPRO is standing by 24/7 to remediate the flood damage.

SERVPRO Can Help You Mitigate Any Flood Damage Issue at Your Niagara Falls Property

Damage from water exposure is one of the expected outcomes after a flooding incident. However, a property can be affected in other ways, thus requiring significant work or unique resources to restore normalcy. The damages can depend on the intensity of the incident or the type of property. For instance, the gale force winds in a storm can overturn a mobile home or blow off the roof of a permanent structure in Niagara Falls.

Addressing the different problems of flood damage in Niagara Falls properties requires the right resources, whether skills or equipment. SERVPRO can readily provide such resources matching any scale of damage. 

Some damages you might not be prepared for during flooding include:

  • Structural collapse 
  • Damage from lightning 
  • Extreme contamination 

In most instances, the bright flashes of lighting and the loud cracks of thunder are harmless to properties. However, at times the surging power of lightning can travel through cables or antennas, damaging your electronic items. That risk, combined with the harmful effects of moisture exposure, can necessitate the replacement of many items in your house.

Structural collapse can manifest in different ways, including affecting the significant parts of the structure on individual items. Apart from shattered windows and blown roofs, ceilings can also collapse from the weight of trapped water. Our SERVPRO technicians use strategic approaches such as drilling weep holes to ease the pressure.

Contamination is also an issue since floodwaters contain traces of:

  • Raw sewage 
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Fuel oils

Another aspect you might not consider about contamination is the deterioration when water remains stagnant over time. Therefore, even actions like water extraction, which you might not associate with decontamination, help.

SERVPRO of North Niagara County deals with the expected and unexpected flood damage issues. You can reach us at (716) 299-0330 for assistance in resolving any problem, "Like it never even happened."

Flash Floods Cause Damage To Your Lewiston property?

11/27/2021 (Permalink)

Servpro water sign Storm and flood damage mitigation is no DIY project. SERVPRO has the equipment and training for every size disaster.

SERVPRO Has The Storm Damage Restoration Services You Need.

Massive storms are usually the culprit for sudden flash floods or intensely heavy rainfall. The Niagara area is infamous for rainstorms during the late summer and fall. In fact, there are entire weeks of rainy weather, which is not always a good thing for local homeowners.

When it comes to flood damage in your Lewiston home, you need to find help right away. Fortunately, SERVPRO understands the weather patterns of the area, and we can help you remediate damages in your home. Our technicians can come at any time of day or night, and we use advanced technology for the job.

You may wonder how we can help you if the streets are flooded. This concern is a common issue we face, and we have built a system to do our best to get to you quickly. As preparative measures, we have pre-packed vehicles loaded with all of the equipment we need. Furthermore, we try our best to avoid flooded routes and have chainsaws to remove fallen trees. While we might not be able to get there as fast as we could in non-flooding weather, we still do our best to get to you as soon as possible, so do not wait to call!

In your home, to deal with flooding, we may use technological devices such as: 

  • Wet/dry vacuums
  • Floor drying mats
  • Extractors
  • Heaters
  • Dehumidifiers

Don't wait too long with flood damage in your home. Speak with SERVPRO of North Niagara County by calling (716) 299-0330. We are flood damage remediation experts. 

How Can Flooding Against Lewiston Basement Building Materials Get Managed?

8/30/2021 (Permalink)

equipment in warehouse Basement flooding is very dangerous if you don't know what to do. SERVPRO IICRC certified techs are trained for every phase of storm restoration.

With Specific Techniques, Restorers can Clean and Protect Common Lewiston Construction Materials. 

Flooding is a dangerous and damaging situation for the basement level of area homes. With many key structural components, flood damage must get resolved as quickly as possible. 

Block Walls for the Foundation

Block walls can often be the only line of defense against flood damage in Lewiston homes with natural flooding situations. Hydrostatic pressures against masonry can expose weaknesses and vulnerabilities, creating conditions where the block walls can begin filling with floodwater. Relieving the pressure and the trapped water involves drilling weep holes in the bottom course of blockwork to allow the fluid to drain and collection systems like our wet vacuums to remove it. 

Wood Framing of Main Floor Supports 

The basement level of the property often has fully exposed structural supports for the main floor of the house. OSB board and lumber used to make these joists and subflooring can become extremely damaged by the high moisture content. Without addressing conditions like standing water and higher relative humidity, secondary effects like mold growth are inevitable. 

Content Protection and Relocation 

Your personal belongings are another area where mitigation and quick action are required when flood damage exists. Spreading water can overwhelm contents and furniture, causing irreparable harm without relocation actions. Often moving the items to another safe area of the house can prevent this damage, but we also provide pack-out services for more intricate cleaning and restoration at our nearby SERVPRO facility. We can provide:

  • Cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Deodorization
  • Drying

Flooding can be a difficult situation for many homes and businesses, making the need for immediate and experienced action critical. Our SERVPRO of North Niagara County team can help with mitigation and restoration services for post-flooding recovery 24/7. Give us a call today at (716) 299-0330.

Do You Need Flood Restoration in Niagara Falls After a Thunderstorm?

7/23/2021 (Permalink)

lightning striking in the distance over a neighborhood Lightning and thunderstorms can cause storm and flood damage to your home. Contact our team 24/7 for more information.

SERVPRO can help you with water damage repairs at your Niagara Falls residence

It is quite common for Niagara County to see its fair share of brutal thunderstorms during the summertime. Many of the storms bring with them high-speed winds, and sometimes even hail. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III) statistics, about one in every 40 homes will suffer from damage related to wind or hail every year. 

Flood damage in Niagara Falls can also be caused by water building up outside and entering your home from the ground. Wind and hail can also break windows or damage roofs, creating holes for moisture to leak into your structure. Once our SERVPRO technicians arrive at your residence after receiving a call for emergency services for water damage, we can assist you in the following ways:

  • Fix a Leaking Roof from Storms
  • Conduct Ceiling Repairs from Water Damages
  • Water Removal Services
  • Water Damage Repairs

Anytime moisture from the outside enters your house, there is a possibility that it could be contaminated. If rainwater enters your building, it is considered a category two situation because the "grey" water could contain harmful bacteria, fungi, or viruses. If muddy water from the ground gets into your house, it is most likely contaminated, so it is considered "black" water, and we take the same steps we would for sewage cleanup.

If you ever have a window break or your roof starts leaking during a storm, the rain entering your house could cause extensive damage that is best left up to the professionals. Call SERVPRO of Niagara County at (716) 299-0330 after the storm strikes if you ever notice an issue.

Whom Can North Niagara County Residents and Businesses Count on for Professional Water Removal Services after Recent Flash Flooding?

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

flooding on a street with SERVPRO imbedded message SERVPRO stands prepared to help our North Niagara County neighbors with stormwater removal and restoration. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster

SERVPRO of North Niagara County responds with emergency services for water damage suffered in our beloved community

Following a weekend round of ground-saturating precipitation, torrential rains slammed Niagara County on Tuesday, July 20, 2021, prompting a state of emergency declaration and travel ban because of incredibly severe flash flooding. Although authorities lifted the travel ban Wednesday morning, residents and businesses throughout the county continue to struggle with storm-related flood restoration.

How Did Tuesday's Storm and Heavy Rain Impact Niagara County Properties?

Whether homeowners, apartment dwellers, or businesses, recent extreme weather patterns left few in SERVPRO of North Niagara County's service area unscathed by overland flooding and sanitary system backups. Our residents faced the challenges of water pouring inside their homes over land and pavement. Commercial property owners reported water lapping several feet up closed doors. More floodwaters forced their way inside through drains, filling and overflowing sinks, bathtubs, and toilets with contaminated water.

Will SERVPRO of North Niagara County Assist with My Storm and Flood Damage?

SERVPRO has highly trained and well-equipped crews ready to roll, delivering the following and more:

  • Water Removal Services
  • Water Damage Repairs
  • Sewage Cleanup

Your property's recovery from this week's disastrous flooding is our highest priority. Owner Chris Christodoulides and his dedicated team appreciate your patience as we review the calls received. We rely on our experienced workforce and a nationwide network of affiliated SERVPRO providers to scale our response during catastrophic events. Count on our commitment to each of our customers as we mobilize and leverage extensive flood damage restoration resources for all.

During this stressful and chaotic time, valued members of our community have confidence that SERVPRO of North Niagara County will make the devastation of storms and flooding "Like it never even happened." Call (716) 304-2163 immediately for premier water and flood damage recovery.

Niagara Falls Flooding? Call SERVPRO for Water Extraction--We're Faster To Any Size Disaster!

5/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician at work. SERVPRO uses the latest technology and equipment for all size disasters. Flood damage mitigation is a specialty of ours.

Extraction Without Power in Flooded Niagara Falls Homes

After flood damage incidents, without the express involvement of competent electricians, it is customary to sever the power to Niagara Falls structures until these potential hazards can get successfully identified. In many scenarios, our SERVPRO professionals must lower the standing water level beneath electrical outlets and other live points to prevent shock hazards when the power gets restored. Extraction without available electricity might seem complicated, but we have several tools up to the task.

Overcoming flood damage in Niagara Falls homes begins with assessing the full extent of this damage and scoping out the work to get done. Because we have various extraction tools available to our professionals, choosing the right equipment can be the difference in days' worth of drying and recovery time. We have three primary approaches regarding extraction and eventual drying without active electricity when our team first arrives.

Truck-Mount Pumps 

Truck-mount options are engine-driven pump systems that offer a powerful suction of the standing water. Depending on the circumstances, we can store the water in the tank truck for removal in a different area, or we can discharge it into sanitary sewer lines.

Gas-Powered Trash Pumps 

While not as portable as electric submersible pumps traditionally used for removing standing water from houses, gas-powered trash pumps can offer a consistent removal of water from the damaged area. With a larger intake, these units can move solids floating in the floodwater. Often these units must get placed outside to allow for proper ventilation of the exhaust from the engine.


Another solution for many of the water damage situations that our SERVPRO team provides is the portable generator. These offer consistent power to run machines like electric sump pumps, wet vacuums, and drying units.

Losing power after a flood damage situation is more common than you might think. Our SERVPRO of North Niagara County team has several strategies to overcome this potential setback and still provide consistent water removal for maximum drying efficiency. Give our professionals a call anytime that you need us at (716) 299-0330.

Is Flood Restoration in Niagara Falls Expensive?

4/15/2021 (Permalink)

heavy rain on roof Adverse weather conditions can cause flooding. SERVPRO is always on call to restore your home.

SERVPRO in Niagara Falls Mitigates Losses from Flooding to Ensure Restoration is Cost-efficient for Our Customers

Niagara Falls has an almost mythic reputation when it comes to natural beauty and scenery. The American city in Niagara County houses one of the seven wonders of the natural world within its enormous State park. The region is also home to some of twentieth-century America's most important technological developments. The hydroelectric dams and power stations helped to catapult Niagara County to the forefront of manufacturing and development as businesses sought out cheaper electricity and power. Today, the charming city has reinvented itself as America's go-to holiday destination. While Niagara Falls remains front and center as a tourist attraction, there is a wealth of activities to do in both the city limits and the state park to keep guests returning each year.

The tourism at Niagara has expanded beyond the falls. Guests can take historical tours of the underground railway, which ferried people out of the US and into Canada during the abolition period. Fort Niagara is among the United States' oldest, with records of its existence dating back to the seventeenth century. For entertainment, Niagara's casino resorts are famous for group holidays. Simultaneously, a trip across the region's various wineries is a fun way to spend the afternoon away from the hikes and trails. Of course, some of the top attractions remain centered around the falls, with the Maid of the Mist boat tour, Helicopter tours, and whirlpool boats just some of the bookable adventures.

  • Devil's Hole State Park may not be as famous as its neighbor, but it is still a stunning and scary natural wonder. The trail leads through an old staircase that takes hikers directly to Niagara Rivers whirlpool section's mouth. These can also be enjoyed by boat, with Whirlpool tours running daily.
  • The unique climate surrounding Niagara has established it as a powerhouse in the wine-making world. The Niagara Wine Trail runs guests along the banks of Lake Ontario, where they can stop over at wineries and enjoy over twenty award-winning centers of excellence. Ice wine, in particular, is a favorite of the region.
  • With its striking rainbow stripes, Art Park has become a popular destination and is located just around the corner from Niagara in Lewiston. The outdoor concert venue has hosted luminaries such as Dolly Parton in the recent past and has a fantastic all-day festival atmosphere during the summer.

SERVPRO offers Emergency Services Water Damage Technicians to Residents of Niagara Falls and the Surrounding Area

Snow melts or adverse weather conditions can put your home at risk of flooding. SERVPRO aims to help the local community with

Emergency services generally cover the lion's share of work and are frequently committed to before an estimate. In flooded properties, it can be tough to accurately assess the extent of damage while there is an urgent need to quickly reduce standing water levels which can cause permanent harm to your home.

  • Technicians can enter the property to provide emergency lighting, power, and heating.
  • Using advanced pumping equipment, we can reduce standing water levels in the home quickly.
  • Working with an industrial hygienist is possible if the property becomes affected by infectious waste like sewage or sewer gases.

Mitigation is vital to reducing losses in a flooded property. Contact SERVPRO of North Niagara County for Niagara Falls at (716) 299-0330.

SERVPRO Handles Flooded Basement Cleanup in Niagara Falls Properties

2/8/2021 (Permalink)

storm damaged basement SERVPRO has IICRC certified technicians and equipment for any size storm restoration job.

Local Niagara Falls Residents Trust SERVPRO With Their Flood Damage Restoration Needs

The city of Niagara Falls is no stranger to wet conditions, but heavy rains recently highlighted the need for an extensive overhaul of the sewer system. The city council voted and approved a $3.5 million contract to revamp the sewer and drainage system over three years. 

Locally heavy rains have caused the sewer to become overwhelmed, and the result is water backing up into basements through the common entry points of 

  • Floor drains
  • Toilets
  • Showers

The scheduled work entails a complete rehab and switching to a trenchless drainage system for wastewater that will be more reliable when heavy rains come calling. 

The current system was found to be failing as the state of disrepair allowed groundwater to enter. The high level of infiltration put the sewer system at risk for failure, and before wide-scale property damage occurred, the city devised a plan of action. Best of all, the repairs slated to get done can get accomplished without the need to dig up the ground or open the sewers, which means there is zero impact on residents in terms of disruption to their yards, construction equipment, or service levels. 

The project will seal up the infiltration sources, and a benefit of this action is that the amount of water flowing through the siphon and pump stations will automatically get reduced, which lowers the risk of sewer overflows that cause basement flooding in the area. 

What is the Best Way to Save Possessions in a Flooded Basement in Niagara Falls

When floodwater enters a basement, even a finished basement still has a concrete substrate under the carpet or floating flooring, and there is nothing for the water to do but collect and spread. 

A flooded basement in Niagara Falls poses a challenge for cleanup. While floodwater tends to recede as rapidly as it enters a home on the upper level, this is a much slower process in a basement. In a finished basement, the water wicks into the sheetrock and quickly seeps under the flooring. In an unfinished area, the water pools and needs fast action to limit damage to the structure. When this appears to be the issue, the techs use their moisture detection equipment to pinpoint the migration path and determine the number of building materials that require removal. 

Removal of Items For Cleaning

In many homes, the basement and attic space tend to become a catch-all for things that are useful but not in use. SERVPRO technicians work in an organized fashion to remove items that may have the potential for reuse by cleaning to a staging area outside the worksite. 

Benefits of a Move-Out

When many undamaged articles need storage during the mitigation, the techs can perform a move-out and store them securely either at the SERVPRO facility or another storage area. This action is beneficial because: 

  • It ensures the other items in the home remain undamaged
  • The homeowner gets a list of the items taken and the location in the basement 
  • SERVPRO moves the items back into the home when the decontamination and restoration services complete

SERVPRO of North Niagara County at (716) 299-0330 has the equipment to handle a flooded basement in Niagara Fall and make the water damage, "Like it never even happened."

Remembrance for Tuscarora Heroes to Go Ahead in Lewiston on December 19th.

12/18/2020 (Permalink)

a picture of cusick, a tuscarora preacher It will be exciting to see the community celebrating on Portage Road at the Heroes Monument!

The Tuscarora Heroes 207th Anniversary Takes Place on Portage Road at the Heroes Monument.

The Tuscarora Heroes Monument commemorates a period of thanksgiving to the Tuscarora tribe from residents of Lewiston. In the early nineteenth century, a British attack endangered the lives of many Lewiston locals. Thanks to the bravery of the Tuscarora tribe, many of the local townspeople were able to escape. By using diversionary tactics, the Tuscarora heroes could delay the British attack in the face of a numerical disadvantage of 30 to 1. The memorial monument was unveiled in 2013 and depicted a woman's rescue with a child by Tuscarora men. The commission funding came from a combination of Niagara River Greenway and Niagara County, NY. 

  • The remembrance takes place at 8 am on December 19th at 100 Portage Road Memorial.
  •  Syros restaurant on nearby Cayuga street is serving breakfasts and brunches to all attendees.
  • Re-enactments of the scene occur periodically with a "flames through Lewiston" event that sees residents fleeing down Portage road to escape British attackers.

Riverine flow can rise during the winter months, causing flash flooding to residents. Contact SERVPRO of North Niagara County at (716) 299-0330 for assistance.

Does a Residence in Niagara Falls Need Cleanup if Only Rain Water Gets Inside?

10/28/2020 (Permalink)

Water No matter the cause of the water damage in your home, call SERVPRO for any water removal and remediation efforts you need.

Fierce Winds can Force Rain into Walls in Niagara Falls Homes, Causing Extreme Damage.

Moisture left behind after a storm can cause severe deterioration to the interior side of your Niagara Falls home’s walls. Cleaning up floors helps with water, and homeowners are encouraged to take this proactive step. However, mops, buckets, and towels cannot sufficiently remove hidden water.

Detecting and removing water inside wall cavities before it can ruin the exterior can prevent the need for more extensive cleanup and demolition work later. Storm cleanup prevents permanent damage for Niagara Falls homeowners. Cracked window sills, gaps in between shingles, and badly aligned gutters can all help windy storms force water into your home’s shell. Not only is restoration work more expensive and avoidable, but it can also become a serious disruption. SERVPRO IICRC certified techs can help mitigate such consequences with infrared technology. With special cameras, we can “see” inside walls and locate damp areas.

Dampness from rain can damage different types of walls, starting in the interior cavity and spreading to

  • Drywall, weakening it, resulting in crumbling wall surfaces,
  • Plaster, allowing it to detach from its base in pieces of all sizes,
  • Wallpaper, causing bubbling centers and peeling seams.

Once we know where, if any, damp areas exist, we can dry these out and prevent damage that later requires more extensive cleanup. This is crucial if property owners want to protect their residence from preventable destruction. When walls disintegrate, mold can also become pervasive. SERVPRO can remediate such situations, containing affected areas within negative pressure enclosures. However, demolition can still create a mess, increasing the amount of time needed cleaning up before reconstruction takes place.

Available 24/7, SERVPRO of North Niagara County answers customer calls at (716) 299-0330 when you need us most. Flooding from heavy storms can leave your Barker, NY, Burt, NY, or Wilson, NY residence uninhabitable, but we can make it “Like it never even happened.”

Will Flood Water Ruin Our Basement?

9/10/2020 (Permalink)

"We can help" We understand how seriously flood water can impact your home. No matter when you make the call, we have technicians who can assist you.

To Help Inhibit Mold Growth and Structural Issues after Flood Damage to Your Niagara Falls Home, SERVPRO Arrives Fast with the Latest Restoration Methods.

A flooded basement is an event that brings worry and stress, which is never something that any Niagara Falls homeowner wants to deal with. When faced with a devastating storm, it is imperative that you address floodwater as soon as possible. The longer you allow standing water to fester in your basement, the more mildew and mold can multiply. Along with that, you face potentially harmful effects on your foundation, or moisture starts to migrate throughout other regions of the home. The best way to stop flood damage in its tracks is to call for help from trained water restoration technicians (WRT). 

Do I Need to Have Water Removal Right Away?

Waiting too long to address flood damage in Niagara Falls leads to many problems. Stagnant water in the home damages belongings and impacts structural integrity. Additionally, floodwater brings in a variety of contaminants and possible health effects from mold spores. Our team at SERVPRO works fast to halt the damage, which can save you a great deal of time and money.

Floodwater is a threat to the physical integrity of supporting structures of the home. This comes about due to the pressure and force of storm flooding, which includes:

  • Metal or wood framing may bend or sheer off
  • Doors, windows, and siding could begin to break or warp
  • Areas of your foundation may crack or begin to wash out

Along with the harmful deterioration of your home’s structural components, you also may experience harm to all of the porous materials located in your basement. The longer that you wait to start cleanup, your particleboard, insulation, ceiling tiles, drywall, and the framework takes on water. This leads to crumbling, warping, or total inability to restore using traditional methods.

Is Flood Water Contaminated?

There is a risk of contamination with any loss from a flood when storms bring water into your home. The surfaces and contents within your basement are subject to contaminants, but your indoor air quality also comes into question. Some of the various hazardous substances known to lurk in floodwater may include:

  • Mold, mildew, bacteria, and dangerous microbes
  • Human or animal waste, both of which must get treated as hazardous pathogens
  • Chemicals from various containers located outside the home or inside your basement, including oils, gasoline, fertilizers, cleaners, and more
  • Asbestos or lead that infiltrates from other surfaces or structures disturbed from floodwater or other activity throughout the cleanup process

What Does Flood Water Cleanup Entail?

All of our SERVPRO technicians are trained and certified via the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We work using best practices and the latest methods for securing your structure. We mitigate the damage, working to slow deterioration while preserving your interior. All debris and potentially biohazardous materials are promptly removed and properly disposed of. Our crew chief monitors a plan of action that allows us to extract water, clean up the zone, and disinfect all areas impacted by floodwater. We adjust our course as needed to ensure we reach our drying goals so that everything is left in preloss condition, “Like it never even happened.”

What Happens First?

After our Green Fleet arrives at your door, we assess the damage and begin securing your basement and the entire flood zone. We do this by:

  • Taping up any holes, tarping up or boarding up and broken windows
  • Bracing your home’s structure, which ensures safety for our crew as they work
  • Shutting off electricity and other utilities in the zone to eliminate shock or fire risks

SERVPRO slows damage in several ways. Initial assessment commences where our project manager or crew chief develops a detailed plan for water removal, cleaning, and restoration. Every project we get called to is unique, but common steps generally include:

  • Extraction of all water in the basement
  • Contaminated water containment, ensuring everything unsalvageable gets disposed of according to local guidelines 
  • Buffer placement to help when only partial flooding is present
  • Packout services to relocate belongings off-site for drying and cleaning
  • Plastic sheeting containment barriers in conjunction with air scrubbers to create negative pressure

Our technicians always wear personal protective equipment (PPE) for their safety throughout the floodwater removal and cleanup. This step also helps eliminate the tracking of contamination and debris into unaffected areas of the home.

Can You Be Sure the Basement is Dry?

Along with removing water, cleaning all surfaces, and using EPA-registered antimicrobial agents for disinfection, we also use moisture monitoring tools to ensure your home is thoroughly dried. Thermal imaging cameras, moisture sensors, and moisture meters help us to locate hidden pockets of moisture to clear them up. We always reposition our heaters, dehumidifiers, and air movers until we obtain regular readings.

At SERVPRO of North Niagara County, We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster. We can help with emergency flood damage services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call (716) 299-0330, and we can send out a crew as soon as possible.